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Master Groomer and instructor Laverne Campbell, offers specialized workshops for her clients and also for her students, who travel internationally to study under her.

Over the past 30 years she has developed personalized methods to ensure a stress free and calm environment and is recommended by several veterinarians to deal with skin disorders and those pets with behavioral issues.

Laverne's grooming area is fully equipped for large and disabled dogs who need special care. Services include medicated and hypoallergenic shampoo sessions as well as de-shedding, hand stripping and specialty scissor finishes. Individual sessions for nail trimming, anal gland expression and ear cleaning are also available.

About Laverne:

Laverne Campbell's pedagogical expertise stems from three decades of dog grooming. A master groomer to New York City's 'it' crowd, with 27 years in Tribeca, she has been the low key, no frills, groomer to A-list celebrities and other high profile clients, as well as the go-to groomer for Homeland Security bomb-sniffing dogs.

Laverne Campbell
Laverne Campbell
Laverne Campbell
Laverne Campbell

What makes Laverne so unique? The dog is her client, making her a trustworthy and humble Master Groomer. Laverne has created a unique approach that produces sound and efficient grooming artists.

Once the head instructor for international students at the prestigious New York School of Dog Grooming, under the direction of Sam Khol, she has found her passion and special approach, to both grooming and the art of teaching. Khol has stated Campbell as 'the best teacher ever none other has ever compared,' and as a visionary, Campbell has been coined the “Compassionate Groomer,” for disabled and difficult dogs.

This may include geriatric dogs and those with skin disorders. Her skills have made her a highly recommended groomer by top NYC vets and uneased dog companions. Laverne's Teaching Approach and certification is a must for bothnovice and experienced groomers.